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Tucel Brushes
are 100% Recyclable

T ucel Industries, Inc. is a leading research-driven manufacturing corporation that discovers, develops, innovates, manufactures and markets the broadest range of hygienic cleaning tools for our habitat, health and hygiene.
U niqueness is what Tucel prides itself in by providing the highest quality, performance and cost effective product for each individual cleaning job, whether it be just cleaning up spilled food, cleaning food processing equipment or controlling infectious disease environments.
C leaning tools are designed to take the heat, resist chemicals, out last ordinary brushware, resist bacteria and are more easily cleaned than staple set brushware. No staple set holes....no staple set bacteria!
E ven as health concerns are rapidly changing each day with increased preparation of food and medicines, Tucel's mission remains consistent. Our business is improving the cleanliness of our habitat.

iving in a clean environment is made possible by the employment of well established cleaning procedures, correct chemicals for removal of grime and debris and sanitation of the area, as well as the correct cleaning tools.

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